About us

United we stand

The International Sugarcane Spirits Awards is the major sugarcane spirits competition in the world, spanning the expertise of both the Paris and the London Rum Festivals. We are a global competition which brings together the skills of the world’s top experts to create the most legitimate and prestigious international awards, showcasing both the dynamics and the diversity of sugarcane spirits industry.

Each year, the ISS Awards is meant to manage over…


The competition aims to bring together producers, brands and independent bottlers from all over the world (“participants”) in order to unearth and highlight excellence, to promote the growth of sugarcane spirits around the world and to celebrate it internationally through major media coverage.

As such, the International Sugarcane Spirits Awards plays an indisputable role on the European level and is soon to be the gold standard of excellence on a global scale.

Our mission

Making a global impact

Our values

Educating through transparency

We advocate for global transparency. It is much less a trend than a real and durable consumer insight. Clear age statements and ageing steps or proven sugar rates are nowadays demanded by all markets.

It takes some real collective efforts to pull an entire category up. We take our part of it by striving to always require such information for all tasting entries and publicly displaying them on our product database.

While some companies are entirely focused on producing world’s most delightful spirits, it must be acknowledged that others are leaders in their ability to design and communicate their brands and product image.

Marketing being an undoubtedly important part of the spirits industry, we also run a dedicated competition for awarding such excellence.

What we do

Recognizing excellence in making and selling

Our authority

Gathering experts worldwide

We team up with experts who are amongst the most recognised and influential personalities worldwide, with the end goal to ensure relevancy in results on a global culture and category specific point of view.