Should I enter my whole range, or should I submit only my best products ?

First, we’ll never know how relevant a product can be within it’s category. Give them all a chance to be recognized.
Second, you might want to have all your products listed in our online Product Guide.


Why should I upload a bottle photo ?

We will use this photo in our online purchase guide. For standardisation reasons, we require a bottle packshot on white background.

There are a lot a fields in the product form. Are all informations mandatory ?

If we don’t require all information in order to process registration, we encourage brand owners to input all the info they can in order to benefit from the most complete and relevant product sheet in our database.

In which category should I enter my product ?

Please refer to the Categories section. In case of doubt, please contact client support for more details.

Samples & shipping

How many bottles should I send ?

We need :
• 3 x 70cl or 75cl bottles,
• or 4 x 50cl bottles
for each entries.

My product is a very limited edition or has a high retail price. Can I send less bottles ?

If you bottle less than 500 units, or your product has a retail price above 150€, you can send :
• 2 x 70cl or 75cl bottles,
• or 2 x 50cl bottles
for each entry.

If it is so limited that you can’t allocate 2 bottles for our competition, please reach us on sales@www.iss-awards.com.

When should I send the samples ?

Please refer to the Key dates section. We also ask you to wait for your application to be reviewed and approved before sending your products.

Where do I ship the parcels ?

Please refer to the Awards regulations or the Shipping info section in your account.

What are the specific needs regarding shipping ?

Please refer to the Awards regulations or the Shipping info section in your account.

Pricing & payments

How much does the entries cost ?

• For the 1st entry, the fee is 325€ excl. tax
• For the 2nd entry, the fee is 295€ excl. tax
• From the 3rd entry and up, the fee is 265€ excl.tax per entry
E.G. : if you enter 4 products, the total fee will be 325 + 295 + 265 + 265 = 1150€ excl.tax

How do I pay for the entry fees ?

All entries are processed online. All fees are to be paid at registration by credit card.

Where do I find my invoice ?

You receive your invoice right after online payment. You’ll also find it within your user account, under the section “Orders”.

Evaluation process

In which conditions do judges evaluate my samples ?

Judges receive samples at their home and have 30 days to provide their complete evaluation. They evaluate texture, features, aromas on the nose, palate and finish, and assign a final scoring. Once submitted, they’re displayed the RRP and they’re asked to reassess a new scoring based on their value-for-money understanding.

Which information are given to the judges about the samples ?

All samples are coded. Judges are first only given the category and ABV. They then access the RRP information after validating their first evaluation.

Quality control

How do you ensure the sugar rates are respected ?

We systematically proceed to laboratory analysis with our ISO-certified partner. We test all samples for ABV and sugar rate.