Atsushi Nakayama

Bar owner, rum specialist - Japan
Tasting panel


Atsushi Nakayama runs a rum bar – Bar Lamp – in Ginza Tokyo.  He has worked as a bartender for 25 years after experienced several hotel bars.  A variety of rums from all over the world are actively introduced here and this unique style is welcomed because bars specialized rums are still limited in Japan.  When Japan Rum Society established in 2008, he was one of the starting-up members.  Since its development, he is a fellow member of NINE LEAVES which is a Japan-made rum.  

He also aggressively involves many events and seminar on rum.  His enthusiasm led to a success of Japan Rum Connection which have been held since 2014 as the biggest rum-event in Asia.  Recently he expands his field to consulting for  newly imported rums and collaboration with a confectionary manufacturer.  Through these opportunities, he promotes the appeal of rum.


• Owner & Rum specialist @ Bar Lamp, Ginza TOKYO
• Founding member @ Japan Rum Society
• Support staff @ NINE LEAVES exhibition (UK, Madrid festivals)
• Original Private Bottling importer @ Self