Emiliano Fernández-Peña

Rum journalist and entrepreneur - Spain
Tasting panel


Emiliano is a Rum enthusiast that as a journalist, marketer, speaker and bartender has been dedicated to promote the rum category around Spain and Latin America over the last seven years.

Back in 2014 he founded La RonRonEra, a small Rum bar located in downtown Madrid. In addition, his passion for the sugar cane spirits led him to publish, as co-editor, the rum related magazine Rumporter en Español.

With his project República del Ron, he works to raise awareness and elevate the category of rum through tastings and master classes for consumers and professionals. For the past couple of years he has actively participated as a member of the panel of judges at weveral rum festivals around Europe and North America.


• Owner @ La RonRonEra
• Co-editor @ Rumporter en Español
• Speaker @ República del Ron
• Speaker @ Kontiki Lima Tiki Fest
• Speaker @ Fibar Valladolid
• Guest teacher @ European Bartender School
• Judge @ several rum fests
• Judge @ several cocktail competitions