Fernando Requena

Owner of Collage Cocktail Bar and rum enthusiast - Spain
Tasting panel


With a solid career of 20 years in the Spanish bar industry, Fernando established Collage Cocktail Bar in 2012, a well-known bar in the Spanish scene for its avant-garde fusion of classic cocktails and modern techniques with a strong focus in rum. Collage currently holds one of the biggest and most diverse rum selection in Barcelona.
His background in journalism, classic cocktails and culinary studies, has given him the tools to continuously investigate his passion and become a connoisseur of cocktail and spirits history. His favorite destination is unsurprisingly the Caribbean where he has met master distillers to learn about the origin of rum and nurture his respect for the full process of rum making.

His extensive experience and knowledge has made him a regular conference speaker at Fibar Valladolid – the most important bar conference in Spain – where he spoke about bars, rum and classic Caribbean cocktails, as well as an invitation to be a guest judge in the Miami Rum Renaissance in 2018.
During all these years in the bar industry, Fernando has done bar-consulting for several venues and mentoring for future bartenders in the school he also created in 2018, Collage Atelier.
That same year, he co-founded The Barcelona Rum Club and proudly hosts all the gatherings in his bar, where inspired people come together to continue learning and spreading the world of rum throughout Barcelona and beyond.


• Owner and Bar Manager @ Collage Cocktail Bar
• Owner and Bartender Instructor @ Collage Atelier
• Co-founder @ Barcelona Rum Club
• Speaker @ Fibar Valladolid
• Guest judge @ Miami Rum Renaissance 2018
• Bar consulting and staff trainer for venues in Barcelona and Menorca