Kristoffer von Stedingk

Rum Enthusiast & Educator - Netherlands
Tasting panel


Kris started his rum journey in 2014 after spending many years diving in to the worlds of beer and wine through courses, travel and tastings.

In 2017, Kris co-founded Rum Symposium Amsterdam which focuses on rum education, product training and event planning to increase rum awareness in the Netherlands, for both industry and consumers. Since starting Rum Symposium Amsterdam, he as also hosted a number of rum courses that have spanned across Europe, as well as launched a rum-blind-tasting YouTube channel (Rum in the Dark) that together with industry experts showcases just how hard blind tasting is.

Since 2018, Kris has been involved in rum and spirit judging panels both in the Netherlands and abroad. He also frequently writes rum reviews that are posted through the Rum Symposium Amsterdam website. 


• Rum reviewer/writer @ Rum Symposium Amsterdam
• Judge @ multiple rum and cocktail competitions
• Co-Founder @ Rum Symposium Amsterdam
• Founder @ Rum in the Dark