Lucia Hava

Bar owner - Czechia
Tasting panel


Lucia Hava, a bartender and co-owner of Rum House Bar Caribbean, with her husband Milan Háva. She has 20 years of experience working behind a bar, and 16 of those years dedicated to rum. Rum House was established in 2010 and they began with 250 different types of rum. Today, their rum collection consists of around 1400 different types of rum from all around the world. She is also a collector and there are 500 more rums, mostly from limited editions, in her private collection. For her, rum is not only a hobby, it is also her passion. She organises rum degustations for their guests and for various companies. She visits rum festivals and distilleries as well. She loves teaching people about rum and enjoy introducing them to new tastes. She’s been writing a private rum diary and hopes that one day she will be able to publish it as a book.