Marco Graziano

Spirits lover & sugar cane fan - Italy
Tasting panel


After a long experience as entertainer in the main tourist destination resorts, he came back home to nurture his passion for bar and blending business.

From here the love for spirits born with not only the increasing curiosity for the content of bottles but also for the stories which stayed behind each label. In particular his interest focused on rum and Caribbean products.

From this starting point in 2012 the project “Leviedelrum” came out with the aim to travel overseas thanks to the reports on the blog and thanks to the opportunity he had to talk about the sugar cane reality in first person without compromises and commercial purposes.

The first taste itineraries grew as rapidly as the travels that brought him to discover manufacturing locations and companies directly in Caribbean and South America.

Since 2014 he has been permanently part of the most famous international festival panels of judges dedicated to rum and cachaça (Paris, Madrid, Berlin and Rome).

His website became a point of reference and meeting for passionates from each part of the world.  Many of these rum lovers take part to his tasting itineraries, they attend his master classes and they also enjoy the travels he organises to discover the Caribbean distilleries.


• Founder and Editor @
• Managing Director - Bar Manager @ Le Maxim's Bar and Restaurant
• Various judging activities @ Worldwide