Mathilde de Ramel

Rum market expert - France
Tasting panel


Mathilde started her career at Bacardi-Martini in Italy, she was then hired by Rhum Clement (GBH Group) to become Brand Ambassador. She helped develop Agricole rum in Europe. She then became a sales rep for a spirits importer in the Netherlands, handling brands like Don Papa rum, Worthy park rum and Richland rum. But she felt she was lacking the ‘’bottler side’’ of the industry, so she signed with By the Dutch as export manager. The company deals Batavia Arrack rum. Unexpectedly, a distillery from Mauritius, Grays distillery, reached out to her and asked her to become European area manager. Nowadays, among other responsibilities, she is helping Daniele dalla Pola and Casoni distillery to develop Alamea exotic infusions internationally.


• Member of the organization of the first edition of Clément ti’punch cup in 2016
• Developed and launched Cana de Emperador rum
• Launched Mauricia rum in Europe and New Grove Emotion