Pietro Caputo

Rum lover - Italy
Tasting panel


Pietro has been a rum enthusiast for many years, he fell in love with a Caroni 1982 single cask in 2006 during ski holidays (God bless that restaurant in Moena!) and so he started hunting rums that were not that popular yet in Italy.

Probably the first Italian after the Velier team to be part of the “Confrérie du Rhum” on Facebook, he quickly built a network of passionate rum lovers around the world, sharing reviews, samples, and bottles.

Being a good friend of Stefano Cremaschi and Andrea Ferrari, he is often collaborating with The Wild Parrot Independent Bottler, for which he selected the Savanna cask.

He was the only Italian part of the famous “Tasting Gang” at the Velier “Carony Day” in 2019, and you can easily meet him at rum festivals and online webinars.