Robert Burr

Rum Collector and Promoter - United States
Tasting panel


Robert A. Burr is a long-time rum collector, a writer, promoter and entrepreneur. Since 2009, along with his wife Robin, he hosts The Miami Rum Renaissance Festival in South Florida and publishes hundreds of articles for Rob’s Rum Guide. From his home office tv studio, he produces rum video reviews for the Rum Minute YouTube Channel. Robert organizes the annual Rum Renaissance Caribbean Cruise for rum collectors visiting numerous Distileries in the Eastern Caribbean. He first organized the International Rum Expert Panel in 2009 and the Consumer Rum Jury in 2015.

His home bar, known as the Rum Wreck Dive Bar, contains a reference library of more than 3,000 bottles of rum collecting from traveling the world. Since 1976, Robert has a long history as a communication and data technology pioneer with numerous achievements in the fields of digital audio, digital video, photography, multimedia, scuba diving, magazine publishing, information technologies and social media. He’s very active in local cultural and political circles and is president of the oldest historical society in South Florida. Robert publishes local guides and leads tours of his area. He’s an enthusiast advocate for solar power and clean energy technologies. Robert and Robin live in the countryside near Miami, Florida.

Robert travels frequently to distilleries to increase his knowledge of rum production, averaging 11 distillery visits per year for the past 15 years. He has attended most of the rum festivals in the world including London, Berlin, Rome, Paris, Athens, Madrid, Prague, Hong Kong, Belgium, Mauritius, Haiti, Barbados, Puerto Rico and Grenada. He has consulted with many rum companies, presented numerous seminars and master classes at prestigious events, and has participated as a rum judge in nearly every international competition. Robert has attended hundreds of seminars regarding rum production, tasting, blending, aging, and sugar cane production. He spends a great deal of time reviewing new rum products to stay abreast of the category.


• Founder @ Miami Rum Renaissance Festival
• Founder and Editor @ Rob's Rum Guide
• Organizer @ Rum Renaissance Caribbean Cruise
• Various Judging activities @ Worldwide rum festivals