Sergio Caro Martín

Rum lover and bartender - Spain
Tasting panel


Sergio has been a convinced rum lover and bartender for the last 20 years in Madrid, Spain.

Everything started when he became a bartender while studying Chemical Engineering at University. Studying fermatation, distillation and oxidation processes, helped him to understand the differents ways to elaborate his favourite drink, rum.

As a bartender he tries to make a “rum twist” to any kind of classic, turning whisky, brandy or gin cocktails  into a rum based drink.

On 2016, he started to work for La Ronronera (where he is the Head Bartender right now), the only Rum Bar in the city, with more than 150 rum references, from more tan 30 different origins.

Currently he´s also cooperating with Cámara de Comercio de Madrid (Chamber of Commerce) as Rum Bartending teacher at Bar Master and Rum teacher at Spirits Sommelier, the two available degrees for spirits and bartending in their school.


• Head Bartender @ La Ronronera
• Rum and bartending teacher @ Cámara de Comercio de Madrid
• Tasting Jury @ International Rum Conference (2018)
• More than 70 guided rum tastings and masterclasses to final consumers and professionals