Svetlin Mirchev

High Ester Spirits Lover and Rakia Specialist - Bulgaria
Tasting panel


Svetlin Mirchev is an international spirits and wine judge, specializing in high ester spirits and rakia in particular. He started his professional career as an asset manager in the banking/insurance industry many years ago, before switching to a profession focusing on reflecting his professional view on rakia and spirits. He is dedicated to turning the heritage of Balkans into a product of the future, popular on the global markets. Over time Svetlin developed his interest further outside of rakia into high ester spirits.

Svetlin’s efforts are strongly focused on working closely with the distilleries on the Balkans helping them with anything they need in order to be able to improve their products, processes and most of all competitiveness. He is also dedicated to educating the on- trade as well as the specialized wine and spirits shops in the region so that they can improve their portfolio of products and be able to offer them to their clients in a professional way.

Combining his knowledge of wines and spirits on one hand and his background and vast experience in the finance and asset management industry on the other hand, as a consultant and coach Svetlin helps distilleries and wineries to either start their business or bring it back onto its feet, be profitable and add value.


• Jury member @ Spirits Selection by Concours Mondial de Bruxelles, chairman of a panel at the 2020 edition
• Jury member @ various local/regional spirits and wine competitions and tastings
• Co-founder, co-owner and managing partner @ RakiaSHOP and, the only company fully specialized in the import, distribution, sales and export of high end fruit brandies (rakia) on the planet.
• Co-founder, co-owner and managing partner @ ProEx Wine - the first privately owned Bulgarian wine and spirits export company fully dedicated to excellence, working with partners in more than 20 countries.
• One of his main achievements is the "Edna rakia" brand where he is the main creator, inspirer and blender of the products.